Sunday, May 9, 2010


My novel-writing work has doubled lately.

See, I have always known that Starlight would have a sequel. But I never really knew what it would be about.

Now I do. And I have the first four chapters written. And I really, really dig 'em.

It seems to be helping me to write both novels concurrently. They're like yin and yang--they give one another balance. Perhaps one novel cannot exist without the other.

So now I have two novels-in-progress*. When I am finished with both, I will approach agents about getting these babies published. And I think that the two books will be easier to get published than either one of them on its own. I'm confident. I can do this. This, also the other this. :)

This, of course, is preferable to the also-entirely-accurate phrasing of "Oh, fuck, now I have TWO novels that aren't done yet." ;)