Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yeah, I feel seriously guilty when I'm not writing the book.

Mind you, I've been writing other things. I haven't been a total lazy-ass. And right now I'm sick with several different maladies in addition to being annoyed at everything and anything for no real reason at all. Not exactly the most productive sort of writing mood. I feel weak in health as well as weak in spirit. It'll pass, but right now I'm mentally berating myself for not being able to write just one lousy goddamn chapter.

My muses have been influencing me like crazy. Shall I start referring to them as the cliched devil and angel on my shoulders? They both affect me so deeply, and they're both having a profound impact on this story. They've been flooding my twisted little brain lately, and yet all I'm able to do is blog about how lame I am for not having the energy to write about them.

Tomorrow, though. I hope.

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