Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's done!

Delayed reaction post. I actually finished draft 1 of the book (working title: [redacted due to working title change]) almost a week ago, December 15. It came in at over 72,000 words, and I know that during the editing/rewriting process, I'll be adding a little more. I'm guesstimating that the final draft will be around 75,000 words, which is what I was originally aiming for.

I'm really psyched to get started on the editing/rewriting. I already made a list of goals for the editing process. I don't think it'll take more than 3-4 months to edit/rewrite the parts I want to rewrite/add a couple new chapters. And then I get to start playing the "find an agent" game...

I sent the draft out to be printed (lord knows my crappy little printer couldn't handle that many pages without annoying the ever-loving shit out of me), and I just picked it up today. I admit I squealed when I got back into the car, printed draft in hand. I may have even let out an "Omigod, I wrote this!!!!!!" (oh yes, it was said in a manner that 6 exclamation points are necessary to convey my point).

I'm thrilled and proud that I've done this much. But there is so much left to do...

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