Monday, April 30, 2012

Updates and rants.

A brief update: I'm hard at work editing the book.  I'm also 5,000+ words deep into my second book, which I'm having a ton of fun writing.  I'm plotting how to get them published (yes, plotting, just because it sounds mildly evil).  I'm proud of what I've done and can't wait to (eventually, hopefully) get these babies out into the world!

A not-so-brief rant: I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that this 50 Shades of Grey bullshit is making every woman I know giggle and blush so much.  I'm a little bit outraged by the fact that this book is at the top of the bestseller lists, yet it's a poorly-written piece of S&M lite that was originally Twilight fan fiction.  Stop to consider how poorly-written Twilight was...and now imagine this equation: poorly-written + sexsexsex - vampires and sparkles.  That's what this book is.  Is every freakin' woman you know getting all gooey-eyed and giggly about this book?  Because that's what I'm seeing on my Facebook wall, my Pinterest, etc.  And they're acting like they're all badass because they're reading this book.  *evil chuckles*  Wanna read my book, Little Miss Badass Wannabe?  You might have trouble getting to sleep afterward...

On the other hand: Maybe it's a good thing that legions of women are really into this trilogy.  Maybe it's just opening up their minds to the concept of submission so that when my book comes out, it won't be as shocking to them.  Mind you, it'll definitely seem at least somewhat out there to most people--but not as out there as it would be if it was your first-ever time reading about anything kinky.  Granted, what I've written is a lot edgier than what that trilogy's all about, and they may very well not like the ending of what I wrote.  But a reader is a reader is a reader, no matter whether they like the book or not, whether they have good taste in what they read or not, no matter how shockable they are or aren't.  And I want readers. 

Even if they're readers of "mommy porn."

Even if I'm too edgy for them.

Even if they hate my book.

I want readers.

And this silly trilogy might make it easier for me to get 'em.

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