Sunday, November 2, 2008


It's been an awful weekend for me, personally. There's this boy, and there's a character in my story who's loosely based on said boy. Boy is missing and I seem to be the only one worried. I went to his place in the ghetto to find him. To my knowledge, nobody has seen him since yesterday morning. I have not heard from him since 2 AM yesterday morning, and the last message I received from him was disturbing and gave me cause to worry. That, and the fact that we had plans last night, was the reason I went into his ghetto-ass neighborhood, by myself, to find him. I couldn't find him. Neither could anyone else who lived there. His room is dark; his door is locked. It's unclear whether he's simply not there or if he is in there. He would not answer his phone for anyone. He has still not returned my frantic calls and messages. I'm scared. I'm terrified for him, and to some degree I'm scared for me. What if something bad has happened? What if he's hurt? How will I go on? How will this story ever get finished? Normal people...would not understand what he and I have, but I know. (I keep putting things in the past tense, and then going back and present tensing them. I have no proof that anything is past tense. I just have a bad gut feeling.) If I ever find out that he was in there, and hurt, when I was downstairs, outside...I will never forgive myself. I wanted to tell his friend to bust into his room, just see if he's there, or get the building's super, but those are not rational things to say. Then again, I'd rather be looked upon as irrational then as someone who didn't do enough. I did all I felt I could handle at the moment, though. And I'm hoping that wherever he is, he's OK, and that I hear from him soon.

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