Thursday, November 13, 2008

There's me, and then there's the other me...

I certainly don't have multiple personalities, but I have multiple writing personalities.

My more well-known personality is the driving force behind a humor site, a sports blog, and a bunch of sports-related articles. She's funny and snarky, and lots of people read her stuff. She's fun, funny, and upbeat.

I can't be that person when I'm writing this story.

That world is too normal. I can't be there while writing this.

I've taken time off from work to write the story; instead, I keep getting assignments for sports-related pieces. Which I love writing. I have a fan base there.

I need to be writing this story.

I'm trying to induce some inspiration. Sasha and Riley have been too quiet lately. I slathered on some scented lotion that reminds me of someone. White musk. Reminds me of twilight in the park, holding hands after sharing the first of several kisses. The sky was purple and the city was aglow. There was magic there on that spring night.

That magic, gained and then lost, is part of what inspired this story. But it's more than that--so much more.

I'm terrified of losing that. I need to write about it.

I need to be Bellamy Cole again.

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